Multilingual Excel: recognition of the column headers to auto-designate the column meaning

Not all clients stick to a fixed column structure when creating Excel worksheets. Often not all languages are present, or they are in a different order, and if there are 20+ of them, configuring the file type will take some time.

Therefore, it would be extremely useful if the app could recognize the values in the column header to auto-configure the languages. When you have a file like this:

Excel worksheet with columns labeled ID, en-US, Context in NL, fr-FR, ru-RU, es-ES, it-IT, tr-TR, el-GR, de-DE, and MaxLength.

the app should be able to recognize the values in row 1 to configure the languages and column meanings as follows:

Language configuration table showing English (United States), Dutch (Netherlands), French (France), Russian (Russia), Spanish (Spain, International), Italian (Italy), Turkish (Turkey), Greek (Greece), and German (Germany) with corresponding content and context columns.

Either the client already uses the Microsoft language tags, the header values are changed during prep, or the recognition is based on a list, similar to the Glossary Converter:

 File type configuration panel showing formats for Spreadsheet and Termbase with fields for EN-GB, English United Kingdom, Entry_ID, and EN-US.