OpenAI Translator - add more placeable parameters to amplify functionality

As discussed in my thread with  , adding a few extra placeable parameters ({0}, {1}, {2}) to the OpenAI Translator app might increase the possibilities we have of working with it. Based on my use case, I would suggest the following two:

  1. Fixed placeable parameters for both source and target language: currently, we have one fixed for the target language and a dynamic one for the search text language, which could also coincide with the target language, depending on how you use your prompt.
  2. An additional search text placeable parameter, e.g. in my use case one for searching and proofreading the translation in the target segment, and one more for searching the source text in the source segment and suggesting two translations that are different from the one in the target segment.

This would allow me/us to carry out more than one task with just one prompt, which I imagine could offer a lot more possibilities and save more time for all the different work processes out there.

If you have any other examples that come to mind, don't hesitate to post them to make this idea more convincing. Slight smile

Kind regards,