Under Community Review

Add options to filter by segments consisting solely of tracked deletions to Filter

Filter feature in OE would benefit greatly from some additional options in Filters - Review: the one that would allows to filter by all source segments that consist solely of tracked deletions (not the segments that have only some of the words deleted; filters needed: 1. filter so that all deleted sentences are seen; 2. filter so that all deleted sentences are hidden). This would help client to review file without being distracted by deletions (and then review them in bulk as separate category if they feel they want to do so). Currently, in deletion-heavy files client has to spend considerable time scrolling through them to reach text which they do need to review attentively. Considering the issues with scrolling/segment loading times, this should improve client OE experience and waste less of their time.  

Also see equivalent request raised for Studio earlier: https://community.rws.com/ideas/trados-portfolio-ideas/i/trados-studio/add-options-to-filter-by-segments-consisting-solely-of-tracked-deletions-to-advanced-display-filter.