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Make Field Templates exportable

When managing a large number of TMs, including file-based ones, we find that it is difficult to maintain the same field names and values across language pairs or across customer-specific TMs. In order to be consistent and to create templates "from scratch", it would help if there were a way to export (and subsequently re-import) field templates that can be used for all of our server TMs.

  • It would be nice to be able to export/import directly.

    Are you aware of following workaround?

    Workaround: Use TM Import/Export


    1. Link the existing field template to a small translation memory

    2. Export the translation memory to TMX

    - If the TM is empty, run export via Trados. If the TM has at least one TU, this can be done via the GS web interface.


    3. Create a translation memory on the GroupShare server. Do not link a field template.

    4. Import the TMX file from step 2 into this TM

    - Use the option Unknown Fields: Add to Translation Memory

    5. Export a field template from the TM

    - GroupShare 2017, on website: Select TM > Export > Fields

  • Hi , now I get it! That indeed is a great idea. I will vote for it :)

  • To clarify the suggestion: I am aware that the template can be exported as suggested via Export. That just creates a server-based template. I am more looking to have an exportable file, like a TMX file, that can be edited externally and then be reimported. We use custom fields extensively and the edit function within GS is limited when it comes to comparing long lists of field values or fields.

  • Hi ,  you posted this idea under the GroupShare section. Are you looking for a way to export field templates from a GroupShare TM? This is already possible in GroupShare 2017. You need to select the TM and then click on the small arrow next to the Export button. You have 3 options: Translation Memory - which will export the TMX, Fields - which will export the fields you have on that TM to a Field Template and Language Resources. Is this what you were looking for?