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Make URLs\Hyperlink in GroupShare Editor clickable

Dear all,

we are wondering if there could be in the future an option in GS to left click an URL in the translateable section (like in office programs for Hyperlinks). 
Currently you can click the URL in the Group Share editor. (Right click "Go to ...")

Context menu in Trados GroupShare editor showing 'Go to https:testseite.compreview.pdf' option with a ghost icon in front of the URL.

But the strange thing of this workaround in the translated section is, that the the editor ads some kind of a ghost icon infront of it.
So if you just mark everything in the field and try a left click, the browser is not recognize it anymore as a link.

Trados GroupShare editor with a right-click context menu and a red arrow pointing to 'Search Google for https:testseite.compreview.pdf' option.

The Workflow behind:
We Upload an XML File to Translate the im Group Share Online Editor. This xml file includes also a Link to the original file. (To see how it looks like at the end)
The Idea is to includ it in the translation file in the top and make it clickable (via left click) directly.

Another idea could be to have generally an option to add a preview document or link to a project, which enables the possibility to add this kind of information in a separat box.

To add the hyperlink in the translation section is more a workaround.

Best Regards