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Analysis option to only generate the summarized report of all project files

We received a project with over 5000 files for translation not too long ago. Not only did it take a while to add them to Studio and analyze them, but opening the report itself was impossible, it kept loading indefinitely and I had to extract the numbers manually from the xml file.

I suspect this was due to the sheer number of files, as Trados not only provides you with one overview of all files, but also an analysis of each file separately. Adding the option of only generating the total amount could be a possible solution.

  • Hi  , thanks for the swift feedback and info concerning the plugin, I'll try it again in a few days. And very happy to see that all of a sudden, my small idea might be integrated in Trados and may help others in a similar situation! Slight smile

    All best, Guillaume

  • Thanks   - nice workaround! Apologies about the glitch with Reports Viewer - we will release a cumulative update (CU8) hopefully later today that should solve that particular problem. Yes, an option "don't include individual files in the report" could be something we could look at down the line. Thanks again, Daniel

  • Hi  , thanks for the suggestion! As it happens, I did try it with ReportsViewer, but to no avail. I've even had to deinstall it because after the latest updates, it wouldn't let me open Trados. I tried again yesterday, but same result.

    The way I was able to solve the analysis problem differently, after having posted my suggestion, was by opening the xml file of the analysis and deleting all the data of the individual files. After that, I could open the normal analysis and only the summary of all files was displayed right away. But maybe one could add a checkbox so that Trados doesn't generate this information in the first place. It would accelerate the batch task in itself and save the manual "effort".

  • Hi   - have you tried the ReportsViewer Plus app from the RWS AppStore? I believe it can handle much higher number of files and could be an alternative for such cases. We are also looking at making the reports view in Studio more robust down the line to handle this more robustly. Thanks, Daniel