Idea Delivered Partially

Setting to "Idea delivered partially" based on comments. Thanks for the contributions!

Document level segmentation

See for a discussion of "full document presentation", which is what I'd like to see in a CAT tool. Personally, I think it'd be great to be able to freely re-arrange sentences and so adapt the source text structure to better fit the target text conventions and to improve poorly edited original texts. Can Trados add this option to a future version of Studio, please?

  • I agree with what Paul and Jesse say in the previous comments. I think paragraph segmentation is useful in this respect.

  • Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your feedback on my idea.

    I understand and on second thought I agree with your thoughts about the cost, time involved and that changes to the source text should be agreed to in advance of the translation.

    Thanks again,


  • I don't agree that a CAT tool should become a source document editor.  Technically it would be nearly impossible when you think about how many source applications Trados supports for translation, but more importantly I think source material should be presented correctly in the first place and if it's not any changes should be made in advance of the translation and with complete agreement from the customer.  There may be some occasions when a customer asks the translator to do this for them, but the cost of attempting to support this in a CAT tool, even if it were possible, wouldn't even get close to a return on that investment, never mind the lost opportunity to do something more useful in the time that would take.

    Most of the time you can resolve poor texts by using paragraph segmentation instead of the default sentence.

    The document you refer to is interesting and I agree.  I'd like to see more ability to choose where the source and target should be presented while translating.  Trados Live goes some way towards achieving this already, but I doubt we'll see this in Trados Studio for quite some time, if at all.