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Editor window improvement - concordance search destibilizes the work on editor by switching to "translation results"

Hi Team, in Trados Studio 2022 in Editor, after clicking anything on anything in windows "Translation Results", "Fragment Matches", "Concordance Search", "Comments", "Messages" - and then clicking on text in the Editor, everything "refreshes" by going back to the "Translation Results" to be viewed (probably this was set as a default in the programing code).

Only after that "refresh" is done we can go back to working on text editor. This "refresh" can take 30 seconds or even 1 minute regardless of the size of the project the translator is working on and therefore delays the production and impacts our view into e.g. concordance search results when we need them in clear view under the text Editor.

As Translators we find it to be a significant issue as we need to work as efficiently as possible but that error does not allow us to do this.

We would incredibly grateful if you could fix it and allow the chosen window to stay as visible without refreshing back to "Translation Results".

See the video for reference

  • This is a good idea. I'll come back with a package with a smaller project we use for testing. If you get this reproducing with this small project then we really have an issue.

  • Just to add to my answer you can also make a package for me if you want to check something more specific in this regard. Thank you for your help with this :)

  • Hi Bogdan, sure thing. We do use pulg-ins but this is also not the cause, in my opinion, as the issue happens there regardless of plug-ins. I can make an exemplary project for you, just I'm not sure if I can apply any TM then. I'll see what happens then and in my free time, somewhere this week, send you a link to OneDrive here to video and the package I created.

  • The fact that everyone experience this is good news. It's not one of those "on my pc" type of error.

    Another question: is your team using any plugins? I'm trying to rule out any third parties.

    My last requests, and sorry to ask for so much already:

    1. Do you reproduce this with the sample project we provide?
    2. If not, is there a way for you to provide a project for us to use for testing and fixing? I am aware that all of your projects are confidential, but if we can get even a sample project with a TM that reproduces on your machines we can be more confident when we deliver a fix. 
  • Hi Bogdan, the TM size differ between projects, we have clients with big and small TMs but it still can take a lor of time to refresh regardless of the size of TMs. W cannot switch to one small TM with the clients we work with as we have a special set of TMs to use in each project. I asked my team about this and they also experience these issues so it's not just a standalone case. The refresh takes place even when I click something in other windows like Translation Results or Messages when doing QA check so it's not just concordance search causing the "refresh" but each time we click something in the windows below the Editor. The best solution for us would be to make the studio keep the chosen window on display without refreshing back to the "translation results".