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improvement advanced 'Insert Symbol' option | zero width space & zero width no-break space

The 'Insert Symbol' option in Studio is very limited. It does not provide any additional informaton such as  HEX | decimal code and name of the character itself. Additionally the small placeholder 3x3 does not return any information neither.


This should be improved similar to the 'Character Map' of WIN OS.

  • I agree, plus maybe the font could be bigger as it's quite hard to even see the characters as they're so small. The window should also be scalable (ie with option to drag on a corner it to make it bigger) so you can see more characters in one go.

  • I completely agree... it's surely a simple enough enhancement and would provide important usability improvements.  The "Advanced View" is arguably even more important because it would allow you to search for the unicode value for example.  It's quite hard to find characters without this unless you happen to know which of the circa 65 character groups available the character belongs to.  Try and find opening and closing curly quotes for example if you don't know what group they belong to.