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Inform users regularly about fixes/features actually BEING WORKED ON for next update

Reading the user's bugreports/requests in the forum, one can see almost always statements like "yes, this is in our backlog, but we did not get to that yet".

So it would be good to start informing users what is then actually being worked on for the next update if it's not what users keep asking for.

This could add more transparency and trust between users and SDL.

  • Hi community.sdl.com/.../anatolydragan,

    I'm not sure why you asked your question here, this is one idea in the ideas section and as such will not be read by people who are there to answer questions. Questions are normally asked where many users can see them, in one of the groups such as 'Translation Productivity'.

    CU is short for Cumulative Update: An update containing enhancements and fixes, happens automatically if AutoUpdate is turned on. This is a quotation from the SDL Jargon Buster, which I authored, where you will find other terminology explanations, here:


    As I said, the ideas section is not the place to ask questions so I apologise to Evzen, who posted the idea of informing users about fixes & features being worked on for next update. The best way to find out what is coming to the software is to become a beta tester. It's fun too...

    All the best,


  • Thank you very much. exusme I m novience in SDL TRADOS what this mean "CU" - unity?

  • Hi , I'm not in the beta. I was added there back when XLIFF 2.0 parser was in development and I helped to test it. But then I was kicked out for unknown reason one day... so if I'm not welcome there, I'm not going to beg to be added again.

    In any case, this idea is about being transparent to ALL users, not just to a few specially-privileged ones. So that also a once-in-a-few-months visitor can clearly see what is in the kitchen.

  • Hi , are you in the beta community by any chance? Some, if not all, of this information is available there (under NDA). Thanks, Daniel