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Approval on final country files – final sign off

We would like to do final sign off by our client reviewers on the final DTP-ed country files (mostly 14 country files).

It would be great if Managed Translation could provide a mechanism to easily transfer (comment enabled) PDFs to client reviewers and back to SDL.

Now we have to send the country PDF’s to 14 countries and gather all their feedback, send it back to SDL with all the feedback to adjust the files and download the final files again. This takes a lot of time to manage.

With a final sign off in the system, it will save us a lot of time, but it will also save a lot of time for SDL. Everything happens in the system. The client reviewer can easily check the final PDF and give their approval or feedback/adjustments in the system. 

With this functionality there is a possibility for us to move our DTP work to SDL, this will also lead to shorter lead times in our processes.

  • We'd like our reviewers be able to download the PDF, make comments, upload it back to MANTRA. Then when the translators implement the reviews, the reviewers are notified via email to download the final files for review, which they can approve (or not).

  • Hi Ian, I have a similar request. The reviewer can click Preview to view the Word doc. However, after turning on Track Changes and making changes and adding comments, there is no way to upload the file within Language Cloud. It looks like the only way reviewers can add comments is in the bilingual view in Language Cloud.  Our Legal and Marketing reviewers want to review the final PDFs after they've been through DTP.  Currently they download the PDFs from SDL's FTP site, make comments in the PDFs, and upload the PDFs back to the FTP site. 

  • Hi Ian,

    You're welcome.

    Bernd Mensen and Josje ter Maat are my contact persons at SDL. This topic is very important for us that's why I also posted the idea.

    We actually want the PDF without comments; the real 'final version'. This functionality is used to get it 'signed off' by all the countries - so to get approval to get it published.

    Q1: Yes a button where you could download it would be nice.

    Q2: PDF with no comments. It needs to be the final verison without previous annotations.

    Q3: Add comments directly in the PDF because this can also be DTP related.

    When the review is complete, the reviewer needs to submit it. I can imagine that it is also possible to directly 'approve' the document without having comments.

    Please contact Josje and Bernd for more information. They are the correct persons to ask for more information.

    Thanks a lot.



  • Hi Tanya,

    Many thanks for submitting your idea to the Community.

    In reviewing the details, I suspect there is some overlap with an idea previously raised by Bernd Mensen from the Language Process Consulting team at SDL - community.sdl.com/.../final-sign-off-on-final-file. Can you please review the idea raised by Bernd and if you agree these refer to the same requirement, I will see how we can merge these into a single submission.

    I'd certainly be interested in understanding more of the details for this request in order to determine how we might support this in Managed Translation. As I understand, the client reviewer would require an 'inbox' from which they have a list of tasks/files requiring their sign-off. The reviewer does not want to work from a bi-lingual view - they prefer to have access to the translated PDF with any comments added at previous translation/review steps visible from within the PDF.

    Q. Does this reviewer also require access to other collateral associated with the project (source files, reference materials, etc.)?

    Q. What comments should be included in the PDF? All comments for all segments? Only the latest comment for segments where appropriate?

    Q. How would the reviewer be expected to provide feedback? Are they required to add comments directly in a PDF or can this be done via a bi-lingual interface? Presumably, we'd need these comments to be available to other linguistic resources involved in that project, so we'd need some way of associating comments with the relevant segment in the bilingual format.

    Once the review of the PDF is complete, the user is then required to submit (or reject?) each task from their inbox.

    I suggest it might be simpler to take this discussion 'offline' as we define the finer details of what is required here. Let me know if you are in agreement and I'll initiate a discussion with Bernd and any other resources that should be involved with this topic.