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Send an automated reminder for ICR

Our client Apollo Vredestein has repeatedly requested to send a reminder to their in-country reviewers 2 days before the set deadline. In TMS I have the functionality to create a Project for a particular job and set a deadline per work flow step as well as set a reminder. Unfortunately these reminders do not work for ManTra users on client's side and no automated reminder is sent.

We have at our PMO also other clients that have expressed interest/need in such reminders, so it would be very helpful if this functionality of TMS could be linked with ManTra.


Kind regards,


  • Hi Baiba,

    It seems we have quite a number of related ideas concerning the notifications/reminders sent to users responsible for review, or final sign-off, in ManTra. At a high level, I think we can summarise as follows: -

    1) Include a step deadline in the initial email notification sent to user(s) when tasks are ready for them to work on

    2) Send a reminder notification to user(s) where this has been defined in the project schedule

    3) Provide users with an 'on-demand' capability in ManTra to send ad-hoc reminders to the user(s) assigned to a project, including the option to include a bespoke message in the email

    Is there anything missing from my summary you would like to have implemented? Although we might not develop all of these enhancements at the same time, I think it at least makes sense to review them together in order to establish how we would implement them.



  • Hi Ian,

    I am not sure about the previous ideas. This one (Include a review deadline in the ManTra ‘Ready to Review’ emails) is about the deadline, not the functionality of sending reminder. It is of course very important, but if I understand the process correctly, then that is about the first e-mail notification client reviewers would receive, not a reminder just before the deadline is reached.

    And the other one (Ability to send a reminder to the assigned reviewer for a specific task) is not entirely clear to me as in our case a group of reviewers is assigned for a language and, at least in TMS, it makes a big difference whether a group or 1 individual directly is assigned to the task when it comes to reminders.

  • Hi Baiba,

    thanks for raising this suggestion.

    As it happens, we have two ideas that were previously raised on the Community that appear to overlap with what you are requesting.



    Can you please review the existing ideas and confirm they would deliver the functionality you are looking for? If so, I suggest we mark this idea as a duplicate and centralise all updates/comments on the existing ideas.



  • Hi, To add: Clients also request to push a remind button themselves to remind the client reviewer to do their review - some even with a small textbox included where they can add a friendly note to do the review soon because the project manager at the client side needs te files quickly. Kind regards, Josje