Idea Delivered

this has been part of 14 SP4 web client.

Ability to Hide Obsolete Output Formats in Publication Manager


We've had the SDL system for several years. Over the years we have added and modified our output formats for a variety of reasons. For example the company name changing or creating special output formats for certain content types. Now in the Output tab of Publication Manager we have about 20 output formats listed and they have become an eyesore. We'd like the ability as Administrators to be able to hide/remove old output formats that are obsolete. For now we rename them as "Z_DO_NOT_USE_<ouputformat>" to push them to the end of the displayed list of output formats.


Note: We *cannot* delete the old output formats as they are associated with released/locked publications. We simply want to hide them so they are no longer an option for users to see or choose.