Under Community Review

Allow collective spaces (Draft Space and Review Space) to support conref range reuse mechanisms

In DITA, a conref range is the ability to create a conref that specifies the beginning and end of a range of similar objects in a single conref call and pull in all those objects at once (which is much more efficient than pulling each one in individually, The objects might be a set of steps or list items in a bulleted list, or any set of similar elements that can go together in a certain conref target context. Our team uses this in practice at Dell to improve reuse. 

Unfortunately, Draft Space and Review Space do not currently support this reuse mechanism. Instead of returning all the elements in the range, these tools return only the first item, effectively making conref range leave out content that normally appears in our output. . 

Please vote for this Idea to support this efficient reuse mechanism in Collective Spaces.