Under Community Review

Oxygen Placeholder Text Visibility with Pub Manager Preview

The XMetaL replace text PI content is supported in this way and can be viewed via Tridion Docs previews. This enhancement request is to support Oxygen placeholder text PI content in the same way.

Background: We use Oxygen's placeholder text PI in our topic templates. When identifying templates that may requires updates, it is more convenient to view the template instructions via TD Preview vs. using the XML view or opening Oxygen. Before moving to Oxygen, we used the XMetaL replace text PI and the resulting instructions could be viewed via Pub Manager's topic preview. However, since moving to Oxygen and replacing with the corresponding Oxygen PI, we notice that the resulting instructions cannot be viewed via Pub Manager's topic preview. We reported this inconsistency to RWS Support who confirmed it is intentionally not supported. Please reconsider and support it.