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Pub Manager search: Allow searching just a repository folder and its subfolders

Support filtering Publication Manager search filtering to a particular folder and its subfolders within the repository. 

We have a large database with different product areas and user categories, but almost all the folder structure is visible to everyone.  When searching for topics, especially potentially-reusable topics, it would be great to be able to filter the search to a particular folder and it's subfolders in the repository folder structure.  For example, I might want to limit my search to things we have in the networking technical publications product area, which is in a certain set of folders and subfolders, and I don't want to get results from the entire repository (which is often thousands of files if my search words are more common).

I don't see this capability in SDL Publication Manager 12.0.4. 

  • This is still something our authors ask for on a regular basis, and we'd love to see this implemented. I assume this would require database changes, since finding the folder location of an object requires a separate API endpoint from other metadata. We would be happy to go through a database re-index to add folder location to the metadata if that's what it takes to get this working, and I assume other customers would, too.

  • While we can use some metadata to filter searches, being able to select a particular location within the CCMS would be very valuable, not least because it might reduce resource load for searches, which seems sometimes to lead to incomplete search results. When you are dealing with multi-terabytes of data, anything that can be done to focus your search more effectively is valuable.

  • Hi Trish,

    Thank you for submitting this request as a potential future feature. You are correct, with the current version you cannot limit your scope to a range of folders.

    An alternative is to search on other metadata, such User Group(s) that own certain folders. There may be other metadata fields within the search menu to narrow your search results as well.