Idea Delivered

The idea was delivered as part of Tridion Docs 15

The label for the button was adjusted to reflect the action it performs

Publication Manager Conditions Tab: Remove the "Remove" Button

In the Conditions tab of Publication Manager, the functionality of the "Remove" button is confusing and can cause users to accidentally remove the entire list of conditions from a publication, when they intended to remove only a single condition. Also, the confirmation message that appears when a user selects the "Remove" button is confusing, so users may not understand that this action will remove ALL conditions from the publication.

For example, if a user highlights a single condition in the Conditions tab and selects the Remove button, this confirmation message appears: "The conditions will be removed and all conditional content will be included in the publication. Do you really want to remove the condition context?" If the user selects "Yes," all conditions are removed from the publication.

The "Remove" button functionality seems risky and redundant, because users can remove all conditions from a publication using the current "Modify" button functionality, which opens the "Select Conditions" window. In that window, the "Deselect all conditions" option allows users to remove all conditions from the publication.

The "Remove" button should be removed from the Conditions tab. If it is not, it should be relabeled "Remove All," and the confirmation message should be rewritten for clarity.


  • Hi Amy. We will plan to change the message in "Remove" button to something else that is more clear for the users. This will be available in the next after SP4 release.  

  • Hi Amy, thanks, yes, it is indeed a different action as you discovered. Looking at the message, it's factually correct but perhaps indeed could be edited to make it clearer what's going on. Thanks for the suggestion!

    I've changed the status on this to reflect that the team will look at this. This is one of the many community ideas where none of the statuses seem exactly appropriate, but I felt that "in progress" was the best to signify that some action will be taken, even if not the action to remove the button that your original post suggested.

  • Correction: The "Remove" button functionality is not the same as deselecting all conditions using the "Select Conditions" window. Deselecting the check boxes excludes all conditional content. Removing the condition context using the "Remove" button wipes out the condition metadata and results in all conditional content being included. This can be useful for verifying that all of the conditional content is valid and publishes successfully.

    I apologize for the confusion. The "Remove" button should be relabeled "Remove All" and the confirmation message should be rewritten for clarity.