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Restrict who can move folders in the TDX repository (both Web client and Pub Manager)


We would like to request for the Authoring Bridge and for the Web UI client, the user to be asked for confirmation before moving a folder within the TDX repository (drag'n'drop) or if it is simpler to implement, to limit the Move folder action to a specific App Role.

User story: As a technical writer I need to be confident my documentation folder doesn't get "lost" or moved accidentally by another writer under a different folder because I have to be able to access my source files in order to complete my job (vs. start frantically searching for them)
Description: This request comes after someone accidentally moved my documentation folder and not knowing that this is even possible, I went through a series of efforts to figure out what happened. Asking for confirmation before someone moves the folder accidentally seems like a sensible way to approach it. After the fact, I became aware that I am far from being an isolated case of accidental folder moving. Acceptance Criteria: A manual confirmation before manually moving a folder.

Since there is no audit event for folder move, we cannot even find who and when moved the folder (by accident or with intention).


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