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Something to consider for future development in regards of different dashboards for translation information, such as items sent for translated, items out of date etc.

Any other views we should consider?

A custom page to show all items that have been sent to translation in CME

In a large blueprint with many publications, and many translated content scattered in many publication, it is a challenge to find these localized item(s)

Improvement / Enhancement

It would be nice if we can implement some GUI, such as perhaps, a custom page where it will show any items in CM that have been sent to translation.

and if user click to the item, the GUI would open that item in the form-based view.

  • Rick,

    I don't think it is necessary to create an API for this purpose.  What I have in mind is a custom page that lists all items that have been sent for translation (ie. items that is localized), so the criteria for the custom page would be: List all items that have been localized and the Last_Translated_Date is not Null.

    Note though Items could be localized, but not necessarily localized by way of the translation process...so I am thinking the easy way is an additional date field, let say we call it 'Last_Translated_Date' (This field would be added to either ITEMS or ITEM_REFERENCE_PUBLICATIONS table).  This date field would only get populated during successful translation retrieval (the field is by default, will be NULL).....again, just my idea.

  • Okay, so this would be about items translated in a single view or place an editor can see. It doesn't necessarily need to be a Custom Page (in the Classic CME), but maybe this would fit a new or existing view for translation jobs or perhaps (advanced) search?

    With translation support planned for Experience Space in Sites 9.6, maybe "translated" would be an interesting status to show in a future version.

    In the classic UI, Translation Manager shows translation status for items in the Info tab. But having a way to find multiple items translated (as well as not translated, or event outdated/"stale" translations) could be a useful enhancement. Grinning

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