Under Community Review

The idea is clear and makes sense.

We have identified enhanced support for Taxonomies (including integration with 3rd party Taxonomy/Ontology Systems) as a theme for a future release. This idea fits in that theme and we will ensure to include it when we get to it.

Update: removed specific version though the theme is still interesting

Metadata on Sites CM categories

The SDL Web / SDL Tridion Sites Content Manager allows to set metadata on all kinds of items like keywords, folders, components, etc. I would like to able to set metadata on Categories as well.

Use case: When importing categories and keywords from an external source, I need to store the external id in the CM categories and keywords. I would like to use the keyword metadata (or keyword key), and category metadata, for to store this external id. Currently we are missing the category metadata capability.

A workaround is to use app data on the category to store the external id. This app data however is not visible in the CM GUI.