Under Community Review
  • What are example use cases where direct Page Links are better than Component Links?
  • If we provide Page Linking functionality, where would you put the Page Links?  In Page metadata? Or also in Component content/metadata?  Components are often defined higher up in the BluePrint than Pages, so it may not be possible to link from Components to Pages (?)
  • Should it be possible to constrain the type of Pages you can link to (by Page Template or Page Schema)?
  • Should it be possible to embed Page Links in a Rich Text field?
  • Should it be possible to unpublish a Page if another published Page links to it?

Page Linking

Tridion should allow linking to Pages directly rather than through Component Links.

In order to simulate Page Linking functionality, we have created a "shadow navigation" structure using Navigation Shadow Components (which reflect Pages), so we can use Component Links to link to Pages. This solution is customization heavy and hard to maintain.

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