Idea Delivered Partially

The idea was partially delivered as of Tridion Sites 9.5 and new Experience Space

Publishing dialog has a list of available, publishable child publications that can be selected all or separate ones

Publishing: set per default "also publish to child publication" per publication

Editors always forget to set "also publish to child publication" when they publish specific pages from a specific publication.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a possibility to check per default the checkbox "also publish to child publication" for a specific publication somewhere in the publication settings?

  • I wonder if we shouldn't be considering something beyond simply "child publications". There's clearly a need to have publishing in one publication trigger publishing in others, but sometimes the use-case doesn't fall neatly into this pattern. Imagine if you could configure a publication by checking it's child publications individually to indicate that publishing should propagate there too. However, once you start in that direction, you quickly come to the point that a generic solution might be too complex. I once built an events system that did all sorts of fancy things based on publication metadata, but these were very clear wishes from a specific customer that really, really wanted to work that way.

  • Maybe this could be added as a user preference, definable from an advanced preferences window

  • On the face of it this seems like a good idea but in reality I've installed an extension to this effect for a couple of clients - having to quickly revisit it

    - to manage on a per-user *and* per publication basis or

    - to simply remove

    The consequence of accidentally *not* publishing to child sites is an inconvenience and easy to rectify, accidentally publishing to all child sites can have much more serious implications.

    One client then requested the business rules be used to set the default (so if developer and publishing from 030 in dev then check box) - the inconsistency presented to users (moreso considering they may cover various roles) becomes very confusing and makes it more of a stress of having to check what "the system" had selected anyway.