Figures — lnum, onum, tnum, and pnum?

Following up on the Adobe Type 1 discussion...

Most fonts default to Lining figures that display numbers in a uniform height — usually aligned with uppercase letters (baseline and cap height).

Many fonts now contain all the variations — Lining Figures (lnum), Oldstyle Figures (onum), Tabular Figures (tnum), and Proportional Figures (pnum). They all have the same Unicode value, so accessing the variant you want is necessary. This information is embedded in the font file. MS Word, for example, can specify any of these styles within the same document.

Does XPP currently have any setting to call out a specific variation? If not, does XPP have any plans to add this functionality?

We have one font that defaults to Oldstyle figures and this creates all kinds of problems. We had to edit that font to install a version where Lining Figures are now the default... but having access to Tabular Figures (for tables, obviously) would be helpful.

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