XPP REST Client Query Para

What should a query string format be to execute a POST against XPP Server via XPP Rest API client? The help does not make much sense. When executed, it is asking for a Process ID number 

Run XPP commands on a Division or Job.

NOTE: The 'command' parameter is the program to run and must be located in the 'xz/bin' directory. For example, divtrace, divflags, show_xref, see Command Line Utilities

The caller is responsible for all options.




Field Type Description
command String

The name of the XPP commmand (in xz/bin) to run

optionsoptional String

Additional 'command' options

ecodeoptional String

error code for exit criteria 1 => OK if 0 >= exitcode < 128 (default=0)

path String

The "logical" 4/5-part path to a Division or Job in the form "handle:class:group:job:div"

nowaitoptional String

If "nowait=true", the command will return immediately with the id, code, and time the command started (default="false"). The user can check for command completion, by using the 'xpp/docs/processes/id' endpoint; where 'id' is the id used to get the status of the running program (default="false"). See Command Status for the command to determine the status of a 'nowait' program.

Allowed values: "true", "false"

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