Importing art files into XPP 9.2.2

Are there any known issues with "NOT" using an extension on art files? For example: .eps, .tiff, .jpeg, etc.

Also, are there any known issues with importing .svg files into XPP. We have been unsuccessful as they do not show up on a page.

Lori Gearheart

  • Lori,

    If you are unsuccessful with importing .svg files, it might be because the java run time environment has not been loaded onto your system. 

    It is something that gets easily overlooked during the installation process as XPP itself runs OK without it.

    Here is the para from the XPP Installation and upgrade guide for Windows that talks about this (chapter 1)

    If you use Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) or compressed SVG (SVGZ) images,
    EDGAR/HTML, XPP Compare, publish using the Perl ePub module, or use
    XSLT 2 to manipulate data before publishing, you must install Oracle Java 1.8
    or later, which you can download from

    The importing of SVG files has nothing to do whether you are using classic mode or xml mode. That only has an influence on the text files you want to import into the system
    So you can happily import SVG files when using XPP in Classic mode.

    The SVG file itself is a graphic xml file (hence the confusion). XPP has to convert the SVG file before it can be used. And for this conversion step XPP uses a java based tool. Hence the need to have at the very least a java run time environment loaded on your system...

    Maybe you need to talk to your system administrator or the person responsible for installing the XPP software on your system.

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