Is there a way to generate ADA compliant PDF in conventional workflow (i.e. non XML workflow)?


I need to generate the ADA compliant PDF in conventional workflow (CT workflow).

Can anyone help me to achieve this.

Thanks and Regards


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  • Straight from the PDF Support in XPP manual: (page 8-2)

    You can use the PDF tagging features of the Direct to PDF (divpdf) program
    to help provide people with disabilities, such as vision, hearing, or motor
    impairments the ability to access electronic information.
    CSS is used to tag the textual content and generate bookmarks/annotations
    (links). Output options allow for creating a fully PDF/UA-compliant
    document or using CSS to generate bookmarks and annotations only,
    without having to tag all the content.
    These properties work with both CSS-XML and XML Divisions, provided
    that the XML is well-formed and the markup is based on the logical reading
    order of the document.

    You might wonder why it is limited to XML based documents, but without clear start and end of fragments, trying to output an ADA compliant PDF would always be a very tricky thing. Something that you better say no to from the start