How to call Xymacro in CSS?

Hi Everybody,

I am trying to call Xymacro through CSS but unable to call it and below is the format which I am using in my CSS file:

{display: -xpp-macro(marco_name)

I am using XPP version and below is the updated CSS files showing under Lsyslib\CSS folder:

Screenshot of a file explorer window with folders named html_table, xpp, cals_t5, cals_table, empty, and sys, highlighting the xpp folder. 
Can anyone assist me to call xymacro through CSS.


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  • I think I found the explanation to the move baseline miracle.
    From my testing it seems like the vertical-align property has been implemented as a relative thing. So it will add or substract the number you gave it to whatever the baseline has already been set.>
    If you do the following:

    para::before {
    content: -xpp-macro(mb, '-3pt') "generated text ";

    And you want the text that follows the para tag to align with the "generated text" you need to set up your para as follows:

    para {
     vertical-align: -3pt;

    This will make the para text move back to its original baseline. (note the change in direction here)

    Setting the vertical-align property to 'baseline' just keeps it on the same -3pt baseline from the ::before rule.

    I think I will open up a ticket on this.
    I would expect that the vertical-align: baseline; would return to the original baseline of the current line, just like the mb;0 does

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