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We have been asked if it possible to add "comments" when using Direct to PDF - we are currently on 9.6.2.

Has anyone else had reason to add comments to a PDF direct from XPP and if so how was this achieved.


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  • And if you are using classic mode, remember that you can add a CSS stylesheet that contains the rules with the pdf css properties, like the -xpp-pdf-annotion one. When you name that CSS file according to the style you use for that job, you don't need to do anything different when printing. Direct PDF will use that CSS file and produce a PDF with annotations

    Bart said, "classic mode", but technically it is XML mode (and of course CSS-XML mode) that you can do this as evidenced by what it says in the snippet from the XPP manual.

    Also, when using divpdf in such an XML mode scenario you would need to include the -pdfba option in order to get the bookmarks & annotations in the CSS file to be processed.

    Jonathan Dagresta
    RWS Group/
    XPP Development