Question re: Configuring a Tomcat client application to interact with Contenta

Our environment has an existing Contenta server on UNIX, already in use by existing client applications.   Those current applications (windows & unix) are *NOT* Tomcat-based today.

A new J2EE application is under development, which *will* be setup in our existing Tomcat farm, and this new application will need to be able to interact with the same back-end Contenta server.   This Tomcat farm has a standard architecture of front-end HTTPD load-balancers on standalone hosts, linked to the Tomcat application servers on their own hosts, via mod_jk.

I'm having trouble getting clear requirements as to what is needed to allow the new Tomcat application(s) to communicate with Contenta.   Some information I've been given says there's an API or package that needs to be installed on the Tomcat hosts, but I've yet to find the details on that.    Diagrams would be helpful, if I could find them.

If anyone can give me some quick pointers, that would help us get to a solution more quickly.    Right now there's a lot of confusion from our Contenta folks who are not very familiar with Tomcat.

Thanks so much!