unable to open XyView using X-emulation softwares


I have tried couple of open source X-emulation software like Xterm and Mobaxterm to connect to XPP. While using both  these I am able to open XPP Pathfinder but not able to open any division in edit or view mode. 

Any inputs, what I may be doing wrong or missing on something? 

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  • Jay,

    The XPP documentation does not describe "how GTK works" any more than it described "how Motif works" - they are both "GUI" packages, but GTK is a lot more "modern" than Motif (which is considered somewhat "obsolete" now in many forums). If you want more specific information about "how GTK works", then you should be able to find everything you want to know on the web.

    The XPP documentation describes everything you need to know to "use XPP" (i.e. what GTK configuration files and settings are used to control or affect the XPP GUI).

    GTK on UNIX is still X11-based, so you still need an X/Server (i.e. eXceed).

    GTK on Windows (or at least the GTK we use for XPP) is native-Windows based, so that's why you no longer need an X/Server in a pure Windows environment.

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