Linguistic Options in Language Weaver

Linguistic Options in Language Weaver

Hi all,

We recently introduced British English Spelling support as a Linguistic Option for Language Pairs translating into English. See this post for more information:  Introducing British English Spelling Support 

Moving forward, more and more Language Pairs will offer Linguistic options to help you adapt your Machine Translation output on the fly when using Language Weaver. Linguistic Options can cover a specific spelling (such as British English vs US English) or Formality level.

To help you identify which Language Pairs already support Linguistic Options, we have updated the Language Pair page in the Language Weaver / Settings / Language Pairs.

The table now includes a column called "Linguistic Options". If a Language Pair is supporting a Linguistic Options, it will mention "Available" and the tooltip will highlight the Linguistic Option available.

The table can also be filtered to display only the Language Pairs supporting a specific option, in this case "Spelling":

As a reminder, the default Value for a Linguistic Option can be set at the Language Pair level. In the list of Language Pairs, click on the Language Pair supporting Linguistic Options to access the details.

Locate the Linguistic Options section, and set your default value:

The new default value will be changed for all users and integrations, unless overridden by the users or in the API call:

Note that the API endpoint used to list Language Pairs will also return information about the supported Linguistic Options.

More details on our Developers Portal where API Documentation (+ SDKs and Postman Collections) are published:

Thank you!