Inconsistent ability to log in to Language Weaver

I am an admin on my group's Language Weaver account.  I was able to log in under Edge and perform translations as usual; however, when I try to log in under Chrome I get the error message "Hello Chris Carter / We could not find an active Language Weaver account associated with this email address"

Since the message addressed me by name, it was obviously able to find my account by my email and associate it with my name.  A colleague gets the same error message (tailored to her) when she tries to log in on either Edge or Chrome.  Has anyone else seen this behavior?

  • Hi  .

    The error message you’re encountering—“Hello Chris Carter / We could not find an active Language Weaver account associated with this email address”—indicates that your account is available in RWS ID but isn’t associated with a specific Language Weaver account. This situation can occur if you were previously enrolled in an account that has since been deleted or is no longer active. Essentially, your username is still recognized by RWS ID (matching your first name and last name to your email address), but it’s no longer valid within Language Weaver.

    Here are a couple of things to consider:

    1. Email Addresses: Double-check that you’re using the same email address when logging in via Edge and Chrome. If it works in Edge, it should also work in Chrome.

    2. Colleague’s Situation: For your colleague, it’s possible that both of you were using a different Language Weaver account previously. Ensure that the email addresses you’re using to log in are registered as users in the new account.

    If you continue to experience issues, I recommend reaching out to your account manager or contacting support. They’ll be happy to assist you in resolving this and ensuring that both of you can access the Language Weaver portal from any browser you prefer.

    Feel free to ask if you need further assistance! 

    Thank you

  • Aha!  We recently moved our account from the Europe-based instance to the US-based instance and not everybody updated their bookmarks.  Using the new URL fixed the issue.  Thanks!

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