Language Weaver Edge 8.6.2 has been released

Language Weaver Edge 8.6.2 has been released

Hi all, 

I’m happy to announce that Language Weaver Edge 8.6.2 has been released and is now available from our download servers.

This version includes several new capabilities, enhancement and fixes, including the Feedback Editor and Automated cleaning rules for Adaptation. 

The Feedback Editor allows users to easily provide real-time, direct feedback to the machine translation (MT) output by suggesting better translations at document level. The Feedback Editor is natively integrated in the Language Weaver Edge UI and can used to view the segments from any translated document, suggest better translations and download the formatted output document. All edits are automatically saved as feedback, and administrators can now define automatic feedback approval rules, based on users' roles. If you want to learn more about the Feedback Editor, please visit To learn how to enable the Feedback Editor in Edge, please go to Feedback Editor: New in Language Weaver Edge 8.6.2 

What's New? 

  • New Feedback Editor 
    • Users can now provide feedback at document level, using the Feedback Editor. When enabled, users have access to a new option to access the Feedback Editor from the Translate Page and from the Translation Queue page. 
    • Edited segments are automatically added to the Feedback database and will influence future translations and language pair adaptations. 
  • Support for Role Permissions Customization 
    • A new management UI page is now available under Manage / Users to customize permissions for each role. 
    • Access to Feedback Editor and Automatic Approval of Feedback can now be enabled for specific roles using this new page. 
    • Default permissions can be restored by Super Admin if needed. 
  • New Automated data cleaning workflow for Adaptive LPs
    • Extra cleaning is applied to the supplied training data to remove any Translation Units (TUs) that may contain data that would impede the quality of the adaptation
    • A summary of the discarded data is provided in the adaptation summary 
  • New Document Translation History available on the Translate Page 
    • Users can now access their latest translated documents from the Translate page.
    • When enabled, the latest 3 documents processed will always be displayed on the Translate page and will provide easy access to specific actions such as Download, Delete or Open in the Feedback Editor. 
    • The option “Display Translation History” will be enabled by default and can be disabled in the Translation Settings.
    • A new “View All” option is also allowing users to quickly access their “Translation Queue”.
  • New adaptation quality evaluation metrics
    • In addition to BLEU scores, Edge will additionally compute and report the ChrF++ and Edit Distance (Levenshtein) evaluation scores
  • Support for Fluent Terminology
    • Dictionary terms are now automatically matched to their inflected terms, and their context is taken into account when applying the translation
  • Support for Encrypted databases
    • Added an installer command line option to turn on database encryption when desired 
  • Support for Language Pair Profiles
    • Allow administrators to define default models, linguistic options, and default dictionaries for Language Pairs (available via API only)


  • UI Accessibility improvements for visually impaired users 
  • Auto-extract test data from the training set if the manually supplied test does not contain adequate TUs 
  • The last used dictionaries are now remembered and sorted on the Translate page for each source/target pair 
  • Improved segmentation of abbreviations to prevent inadvertent sentence termination 
  • Added word and character count columns to the adaptation UI tables 
  • Added /api/v2/languages REST API endpoint to allow retrieving a mapping of Edge language pair codes to their standard BCP-47 language tag equivalents 
  • Windows Edge setup installer is now cryptographically signed 
  • Support flipping of a PowerPoint layout for RTL languages; enabled via manual configuration only 
  • Html image 'alt' attribute is now translated 


  • Manually supplied test data was previously not being used during Adaptation, and an auto-generated test set was used instead; this has been fixed 
  • Improved language detection for CJK languages 
  • Improved font handling for MS Office files translated to CJK languages 
  • Password reset via SMTP for local accounts fixed - regression introduced in 8.6.1 
  • Obfuscate the value of lwe_user_s cookie and remove any identifiable information 
  • New lines in XLIFF output are now preserved 
  • Improve thread distribution on Windows: hyperthreading when using more than 8 logical cores would lead to suboptimal translation performance (WPM) 
  • Cleanup and remove older upgraded Edge versions from the "Apps & features" Windows listing 
  • Auto Adaptation edit page now shows the test data TU count in the Totals summary 
  • Temporary data during adaptation is now stored in the Edge installation folder's /data folder for better isolation 
  • Added a warning when removing a host from an auto adaptive LP deployment list, if the host has the auto adaptive LP deployed to it; and also when deleting an auto adaptive LP if it is actively deployed on a host 
  • Translation Queue data filtering was not properly respecting the user's time zone and might include results outside the desired range; this has been fixed 
  • Charts in PowerPoint may sometimes not appear in the translated output; this has been fixed 
  • When creating a new Adaptation, skip new analysis of adaptation data unless needed e.g. if some of the minor parameters are modified in the UI like changing the model name 
  • Avoid mid-sentence capitalization for long segments 

Good to know 

If you are already using Language Weaver Edge 8.6.0 or 8.6.1, no new license is needed, and you can upgrade your existing instance directly. 

If you are upgrading from Language Weaver Edge 8.5.x or earlier, a new license will be required, and you can request it through your gateway account. 

The Kubernetes deployment package should be updated shortly, and we will post a specific announcement when new images are available on our registry. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Account Manager or the Language Weaver support team. 

We hope you’ll enjoy this new release!  

Thank you!