TBM V. 6 - Creating a Quote using Customer/Price list

Good evening!

I'm running TBM, V. 6 + Trados Studio 2022. All I need to do is a Quote from several .docx, .xlms, .pptx, .pdf files already translated using Trados Live+Trados Studio 2022, based on a customer/price list successfully created on TBM V.6.

How can I create a Quote using the source files + price list = Correct pricing for that customer

It looks quite simple, I've followed the basic tutorials but the calculation is not generated. Any hint would be really appreciated, thanks in advance!

Maria José

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  • Hi Maria,

    Starting from scratch won't help. Price lists must be confogured correctly to work. Before going into Studio integration, I suggest to do the following.

    1. Reference data - Price lists. Create some simple price list with simple data. Like this:

      So you have only service, currency and rate itself.
    2. Open your customer and add price list to that customer. Confirm that Default checkbox is selected:
    3. Create empty quote, select customer, add one task manually, select service which exists in your price list. If all configured correctly, price should be picked up from the price list. If it work, then it should work for quotes imported from Studio as well.

    Can yuo plese try?

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