Term recognition fails intermittently?

We have the problem that term recognition in the editor view stops working randomly. This appears to be an issue with larger projects or larger termbases. Why does this happen? closing Studio and reopening it solves it for a short while

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  • Listen to Roman and I discussing this here

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  • Hi , ,

    At our agency our linguists are experiencing the same problems. It is happening with TB that are sent to us via WorldServer. Our PMs open the WS packages, then create normal Studio packages for our internal linguists. The TB are very small. Path lengths to the TB files are under 250 characters. Reorganising does not help. Studio and MultiTerm versions are up to date.

  • I experienced also this problem when I developed my own TerminologyProvider. This is also how I stumbled on this thread :-)

    I don't know whether MultiTerm gets its requests to supply terminiology in the same way as TerminologyProvider plugins but if it does the following might help to tackle the issue.

    The way terminology is recognized and shown each time a segment is activated can be descibed as a 2-step process:

    1. Studio asks the TerminologyProvider to search for terminology (AbstractTerminologyProvider.Search())
    2. Studio asks for specific terms previously found in step1 (AbstractTerminologyProvider.GetEntry())

    I found that in step 1 not only 1 request will be made (the one for the current segment) but several requests for surrounding segments, too, mostly 1 or 2 ahead AFAIK.

    The order of the requests (ie. active segment vs. others) seems quite random with the last request often not being the one for the active segment.

    When a TerminologyProvider (especially a remote one) only holds the last request in cache to supply the terms in step 2 it will likely not find the relevant terms. Even worse, if GetEntry() returns null (or something invalid) Studio might not ask for more terms for that segment. However, if you later return to that segment you might get lucky ... quite a nighmare to figure that one out, I may add