Repeated problems while attempting to move Studio 2021 licenses between desktop and laptop

I couldn't deactivate my license. I follow directions from the "Trados 2021 won't deactivate online or offline" discussion. Now I don't have a license at all, the activation message says they are all used. Actually, I wasn't able to move the Studio 2021 license correctly even once.

I would prefer to solve once and for all but if this is not possible, I must to request my money for the upgrade back, and please make my Studio 2019 Plus licenses available again. I have to move my licenses between desktop and laptop quite often and I cannot risk being stuck.

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  • Just to add to this, you originally replied to a post with this problem:

    Error dialog box from Trados Studio showing 'Deactivation failed. Provided date is not valid range Fri Dec 31 23:59:00 UTC 2500.' with an OK button.

    Seeing as you deleted the lic file already you will hopefully be sorted now, but if not please let us know and the support team can take another look as they do have a tool for problems caused with problems around the computer clock which a message like that can point to.  But normally resetting the licence and deleting the lic should be enough.


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  • I replied to Vlad from Tech Support in my email, let me paste it here:

    I activated Studio 2021 without a problem after what you did.
    But whatever you did changed nothing at all. My problem is with deactivating on one machine in order to activate on another - I switch between laptop and desktop often enough to make it a huge issue.
    After successfully activating now on my desktop, I tried to deactivate, just to see if it works.
    The same little window popped up:
    Error message window from Trados Studio showing a red cross icon with text: Deactivation failed. Provided date is not valid range Fri Dec 31 23:59:00 UTC 2500.
    What does it even mean? Please don't tell me you are not aware of the problem.


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  • I received a reply to that from Sorin of the RWS Technical Support:

    "I`ve reset your license one more time. Please try the following steps: 
    1. Close Studio.
    2. Go to: C:\ProgramData\SDL\SDL Trados Studio\Studio16\Data 
    3. Rename the file Studio.lic, e.g. to Studio_old.lic.
    4. Go to: C:\ProgramData\SafeNet Sentinel\Sentinel RMS Development Kit
    5. Rename System folder to System_old 
    6. Reactivate Studio and check if the deactivation works as it should.
    Note: If you can't find the path above, open Windows File Explorer, click on View and check "Hidden Items" checkbox. 
    Unfortunately, completing these steps very diligently resulted in the same "Deactivation failed" window.
    And just now, I received another email:

    "We have identified the root cause of the issue, and we’re currently working on a solution for it.
    To be more specific, we’ll have to run a script in the background, in order to remove the incorrect date
    applied to the license. Until the fix is implemented (this will be done by us automatically in the background),
    the error message you see will keep appearing during the license deactivation process.
    In order to avoid you having to deactivate the license (and keep seeing the error message)
    until the issue is fixed, I have provided a Studio 2021 temporary license (valid for 7 days) that you can use
    to activate Studio on your second computer."