disinstall and re-install 2017

after 2017 crashed and could not be reopened, I chose to disinstall and re-install. the same issue has been discussed here https://gateway.sdl.com/apex/communityknowledge?articleName=000008215&_gl=1*176qxnv*_gcl_au*MzgzMTA2NzY2LjE2OTUyMDM2MTE.*_ga*MTcxOTQ0ODU3MC4xNjM0OTAzNDEw*_ga_J0Z9C6G83T*MTY5NTIwMzYxMS4yLjEuMTY5NTIwMzc3Ni4wLjAuMA.. but even after emtying the folder, nothing changed and the same error message shows up. pls help!

thank you :)

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