Subscription still keeps getting deactivated with non-existing and expired 90-day trial license taking over

Hi (Paul?),

I've raised the same issue here twice before and the issue still comes back.

Previous case nos. 00779553 & 00779035. Would you please reopen them and read for background info? Fran in licensing asked me to do that, as she can't figure out the problem either. I've had several support calls in the past for this issue with multiple support people who tried a variety of things, but the issue still returns.

Thank you,

Trados Studio 2022 SR1 Product Activation window showing a Perpetual License tab with a notification 'License Expired' and an 'Activate' button.Trados Studio 2022 SR1 Product Activation window under Subscription tab showing user Susmi Ostenfeld-Rosenthal's account with an option to activate Trados Freelance Personal subscription.

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  • Fran is in Vendor Licensing. She told me to post in here as she said otherwise I can't get help. She also said to refer to previous case numbers and to ask you to reopen. So, I don't know where lines get crossed, but I've explained it many times to different people and also had several support calls with various attempts to solve it, no luck, it keeps happening.

    Here is the description again:

    The issue is that I frequently get kicked off my subscription, and then the expired 90-day perpetual license takes over (see screenshots in first message). Then I have to reactivate my subscription. Please note I do NOT have a problem reactivating - but I do have a problem when my subscription continuously and at random times gets deactivated somehow. 

    It happens also in the middle of work sometimes where Studio simply shuts down and then when I restart it, the subscription is deactivated and the expired perpetual license has taken over and I need to reactivate the subscription. Sometimes it causes me to lose work.