Online help in/for SDL Trados Studio 2021 took a walk.

Online help in/for SDL Trados Studio 2021 took a walk.  Studio 2021 SR2 should look at but does in fact look at instead.  Time for a hot fix?

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  • I'm in the Editor view, source on the left, target on the right, translation memory above, cursor in the target.  Hitting F1, or clicking the Help tab, then "Help Topics Online Help", serves up a 404 for the sdl-trados-2021 page address that I have reported.  It still does.  Going into the Project view or Files view and hitting F1 works correctly, at least does not give a 404.

    Trados Studio 2021 SR2 -, installed over the/an original 2021 release some 10-20 days ago.

  • Addendum to my reply I just posted (went into moderation, so I can't tack onto it directly):

    I am in the editor view of a single-file project (an MS Word file).  Trados Studio knows about a package with 167 files, which are in progress, i.e., some are translated, some partially, some not at all.  My objective of looking into help was to find a way to bulk-erase lots of occurrences of a silly formatting tag pair in the source file.  The cursor was in the target.

  • Thanks

    I tried in several projects, single file projects and standard projects, different filetypes including Word, but I cannot reproduce this.  Hitting F1 or using the Help tab all open the page at the url you provided without any error pages.  I wonder if you are using a VPN, or perhaps work inside a controlled domain, or have some security software that might be preventing the ability of Studio to access... or perhaps you can clear your browser cache?

    If anyone else can verify this as a problem we can have more confidence but as this is usually one of two things:

    1. a client-side problem
    2. the website being unavailable

    I think it makes sense in the meantime to try and see why you specifically cannot access the page because it does seem to work for me.

  • Once more, to make clarify which page is which and what goes where:

    Sitting in the Editor view, F1 directs me to
    which then forwards to
    which gives a 404.

    The correct page should be

    Now here comes the kicker: Sitting in the Files view, F1 directs me to
    which then forwards to

    Note that in the Editor view case, I get ultimately a "sdl-trados-studio-2021" page (bad) while in the Files view case I get a "trados-studio-2021-sr2" page. The correct Editor view page ("translating-files") does exist in the sr2 branch.

    If I type the addresses directly into the browser, I still get the 404 for the Editor view and the correct page for the Files view.

    My default browser is Edge because Trados wants to see the Microsoft browser as default. I have cleared out the complete history in it (not a big loss as I am otherwise using Firefox), and the problems did not go away. So I claim that either Trados Studio uses the wrong target, or (now more likely) the target page on RWS/SDL's website has the wrong forwarding address in it.

    My connection is Computer -> WiFi -> Router -> ISP's fiber cable out of my house.  No VPN or other extra firewalls or other interfaces.

  • ok - I still can't get these errors myself unless I use the error link you provide.  I don't use Edge... it's not required by Trados Studio.  I prefer Chrome as my default.

    Now here comes the kicker: Sitting in the Files view, F1 directs me to
    which then forwards to

    Which seems fairly logical... I'm not sure where else it should go.

    Another question... what language are you running Studio in?

  • I'm sitting in Texas, running a (US?-)English version of Trados Studio on a US English Win 10 Pro system.  I translate to and from German.  The English source files can be either British or US.

    The kicker is that both the Files View and the Editor View have totally consistent page addresses in the tree and inconsistent ones in the tree.

  • ok - I'm going to hope has some ideas here because I'm out of them.  I have no idea why this is happening for you.