.NET add-in parser not loaded in Passolo 2022 (v22.0.116.0)

I've a problem about loading the .NET parser add-in: Passolo 2022 reports the add-in is not loaded, even if the add-in is part of my license, like you can see on attached screenshots.

Please note all worked fine since few days ago!

Below is my Passolo 2022 add-in dialog:

Passolo 2022 Add-ins dialog showing error messages for multiple file parsers including 'Microsoft .NET Parser' with a message 'Requested feature is not available'.

This is the About dialog:

About dialog of Passolo 2022 displaying the license information and listing 'Add-in for Microsoft .NET' among other functions.

This is my account order information:

Account order information showing the product 'Passolo 2022 .NET Add-in upgrade' with a quantity of 1.



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