How to check if a string belongs to a main menu or submenu


Based on the string description, it is possible to recognize the beginning of a submenu by the term "Popup." Then one knows that the next string "Selection" belongs to a submenu. However, there is no signal term that indicates that the last submenu entry "Copper" or the next main menu entry "Hide" has been reached. Also the ID seems to give no hint.

Would be very helpful if the string description contained the name of the submenu, e.g., instead of Entry 7010 in Menü 1,  Entry 7010 in Submenu 1 of Menü 1, or something similar

In the resource file (.rc, see further below) of the corresponding DLL the beginning and end of a submenu is easy to detect, but I want to avoid having to parse the resource file.

Is there any other COM property or method that can help detecting if a string belongs to a main menu or submenu?

String descriptions:

Insert into list o&f search results, Entry 35106 in Menü 1
Show, Popup-Menü 1 in Menü 1
Selection, Entry 7010 in Menü 1
All, Entry 7009 in Menü 1
Only mounting panels, Entry 7011 in Menü 1
Only doors, Entry 7012 in Menü 1
Copper, Entry 7237 in Menü 1
Hide, Entry 7008 in Menü 1

Screenshot of Trados Studio menu with 'Insert into list of search results' highlighted, showing submenu options 'Show', 'Hide', 'Simplified representation', 'List with preselection', and 'Configure representation...'.

Trados Studio string description table with entries 35106 'Insert into list of search results', 7010 'Selection', 7009 'All', 7011 'Only mounting panels', 7012 'Only doors', 7237 'Copper', 7008 'Hide'.

Snippet from corresponding resource file:

Snippet of resource file code for Trados Studio showing 'POPUP' menu 'Einblenden' with 'MENUITEM' entries 'Auswahl', 'Alles', 'Nur Montageplatten', 'Nur T ren', 'Kupfer' and corresponding IDs.



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