SDL Passolo 2018 CU5 General Availability

Dear all,
We are pleased to announce the general availability of SDL Passolo 2018 CU5.

What’s new in Passolo 2018 CU5?
• Fixed issue with preserving the source language of a cascaded project in exports (CRQ-11904).
• Fixed Parser Error:TypeConverter cannot convert from System.String. error when saving certain RESX files (CRQ-11186).
• Fixed ERROR in Delphi parser - Read error while processing file error when certain files (CRQ-11042).
• Fixed issue with preserving \r\n\ line break formatting (CRQ-10802).
• Fixed throwing the N strings did not use the translation, because the source file has changed text or coordinates. warning when generating target files (CRQ-8438).
• Fixed issue with comments being copied between projects (CRQ-11431).
• Added a new option in Options > Tags to Process carriage return (CR) and line feed (LF) as internal tags in translation window that is enabled by default. When enabled, \r and \n chars are displayed as tags no matter how the Edit tagged strings option is set (CRQ-12068).
• Fixed issue with Passolo not properly recognizing some menu items and throwing the [x] strings did not use the translation, because the source file has changed text or coordinates warning when generating the target file (CRQ-12166).
• Passolo does not change the format of numbers when working with certain Excel files (CRQ-12424).
• The strings imported from split bundles are no longer set as untranslated. (CRQ-12553).
• The configuration files for accessing server-based TMs was improved so that the credentials are now saved even when multiple users access the TM. For this to work for already set up environments, access: Tools > Add-ins > Translation > SDL Trados Studio > Setup > Add Translation Memory > Server-Based Translation Memory > Servers > Close > Cancel (there is no need to change anything). After that, the file can be shared on network (CRQ-6839).
• Fixed the ERROR - [file] does not respect the proper JSON format and ERROR - Parsing was aborted with no changes because file check failed. Format is incorrect. errors thrown when processing certain files. (CRQ-11533).
• Fixed issue with words being split when the string does not fit the column and the Dynamic row height and Show Whitespace characters options are enabled (CRQ-12870).
• Fixed integration issues with SDL MultiTerm 2019 CU1 (CRQ-12869; CRQ-12980).
• Fixed integration issues with SDL Trados Studio 2019/2019 SR1 (CRQ-13101).
Review this KB article for full details.

SDL Passolo Team