Upgrade from Passolo 2015 to Passolo 2018


I am unsure if I should ask about this migration projet here or open a case. I start here, let me know if it is better to open a case to SDL Support.

We are currently using Passolo 2015 (1 Unlimited team, several Pro studio and several translator edition).

We have several projects and teams involved and I would like to plan the upgrade to Passolo 2018 without impact on our production.

The steps we are aiming for : 

1. testing the 2018 edition on a copy of our files and make sure that everything is working smoothly. For that we will need to keep the 2015 Unlimited licence while using a 'real' (not demo) 2018 unlimited licence for 2 to 3 months. Is it a common request or do I have to contact my sale representative ?

2. Then I will ask to all the users (pro studio and translator edition) to upgrade to 2018 edition. And plan a full "translation cycle" to make sure everything is ok.

3. In the case where we encounter serious issues, we need to be able to go back to 2015 licences (we would have made a backup of the old files), is it possible to ask the support for such a licence reset ?

Thanks in advance for your help, any documentation with a step-by-step process (other than simply upgrading the licence) is welcome.


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