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IATE Terminology Provider


Thank you for your replies... it's been good to get so much interest in this.  I am closing this Beta now and we won't be accepting any more users for now.  The next stage will hopefully be a release into production and then you'll all be able to use this via a download from the AppStore.  I will update this thread and also inform anyone reading the Beta posts once it's live.




The SDL AppStore Team have developed a plugin for the IATE terminology solution using the new APIs that were exposed in December last year.  The plugin is complete and the only thing preventing it from being published is some thorough testing to ensure two things:

  1. we have more feedback on the way we have designed the plugin
  2. the IATE team have been able to ensure they can test the load we will be putting on their servers

Initially we will be allowing a maximum of 100 users, first come first served.  So if you are interested in being able to work interactively with the IATE terminology solution without having to download or convert into a MultiTerm termbase then please say so in this thread below.  We will then add you to the Beta until we have reached the required number of users.

If you're wondering what this plugin will bring you... this may help... and in all European languages:

Term recognition and a preview into the relevant IATE terms

And this... a right-click lookup of anything you like:

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