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Web Lookup! - is it possible to suppress links opening in new (Internet Explorer's) windows? - if not then there's a feature request

Web Lookup is a great tool for Trados, I love using it, and do it quite often.

But there's one thing that spoils things a bit:

when I open Google page (and almost any other web search site) with links as per my search words, and find the link I need, and click it - the page opens in a separate Internet Explorer window (instead of it I use Edge or some other chromium clones as the majority of users nowadays though).

Anyway the user has to leave Studio where he has worked just yet, which is not handy and in fact kills the great idea of Web Lookup! plugin.

Is there a way to make windows open in the same Web Lookup! window?

If it's not possible, I guess it'd be great to implement this feature.

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  • Sadly Windows 11 shows the same behaviour as on Windows 10.

    Wonder how Oana's system behaves differently, what (where) are the settings for this?

    Would be great if the plugin allowed to enable these settings internally (i.e. to force open new links in the same plugin's subwindow - or in a new tab, but also inside the plugin's section of Trados interface, e.g. by pressing mouse wheel like on many browsers).

    Opening outer browser's windows seems quite redundant, especially legacy Internet Explorer, not supported already by growing number of websites

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