DeepL plugin won't use Brazilian Portuguese as a source

No neutral Portuguese (as the only one for DeepL source) is available in SDL Studio (I have 2017, although probably irrelevant). Using DeepL plug-in via AnyTM doesn't work.

Already checked "Apply automated translation" under File>Options>Editor>Automation.

Funny thing, I used to have no problem with this up until today, until I suddenly started getting 2-3 popups with nothing but an exclamation mark on them every time I'd confirm a segment and/or move to a next one. Had to reinstall the entire studio to make this go away, and now the automated translation via DeepL isn't working with Brazilian as source.

How can I make DeepL ignore the language variant? DeepL support won't help (although I asked) since they don't actually create or support the plugin.

Thank you so much in advance for your help!

p.s. Already tried editing project parameters manually from pt_BR in Notepad, but replacing it with pt_PT or PT doesn't do anything.