MT Enhanced Plugin: unauthorized error

Dear staff

MT Enhanced Plugin always throws the following error after working for less than 10 segments:

"An error has occurred while using the translation provider MT Enhanced using Microsof Translator: The request is not authorized because credentials are missing or invalid."

But if I open the project setting and close it without doing anything and back to the editor, the plugin can resume working.

Can you take a look into the problem?


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  • Dear staff,

    can you please check this issue? I am still getting this error.

    Best regards


  •   and  

    Please see short recording and let me know how my actions may be different from yours so we can reproduce this

    Also to confirm my app version is

    Thank you for following up

    Have a good day


    Lydia Simplicio | RWS Group

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  • Hi  , at NI (national instruments), our Japanese translator who is using a custom Microsoft MT model with MT Enhanced is also reporting the same issue.  The plugin works for a while and then throws this error, at which point the solution our Translator found is to quit Trados and relaunch the project.  But I will let her know to try the trick of "opening the project settings and closing them, without doing anything and back to the editor". 

    We are using Trados 2021 SR2 CU12 and thus MT Enhanced

    Thank you.