Trouble Exporting translated Excel files. I get a .sdlxliff file instead of a .xlsx file. How can I solve this?


I have been trying for quite some time to solve this issue (my SDL Trados version is SDL Trados Studio 2019 Professional).

I created a project including a Word document and an Excel document. Once translation was completed, I proceeded to export the files and the Excel document was missing. I then tried again, and it uploaded as a PDF that could not be opened. I change the "Open with" to Excel and again nothing. I was able to open it with Word and Notes, to try to export it, and that also didn't work.

On Trados, I went to "Project Settings" and this is what I see :

It seems to me like the Excel version (2021 Version 2205) that I have is included? Because when I click on "New", these are all the options.

Sometimes I also get this Error message:

I also translated this file as a single file and I had the same issue.

How can I make Trados export my Excel file as an Excel file and not a .sdlxliff file ?

Please help. Thanks,