Retrofit suffers a fit when it sees track changes, TGAs or comments

A client of mine recently returned a reviewed Word file to me with some helpful edits. Hence I found it worthwhile to update my TMs.

Retrofit to the rescue!

Oh no! I must have left some comments. I open the file, search ... No comments!? No track changes?!!? No TQAs (not sure what that is but it's not there)!!!!!?????

(Observed in Studio 2021 and Studio 2022 beta)

Notepad++ to the rescue!

Surprise, there are revisions in the file after all:

Let's have a look what they are. Here is one:

An empty insertion. Well, we can delete those, no harm done. A quick regex replace <mrk mtype="x-sdl-(added|deleted)" sdl:revid="[\-0-9a-f]+"/> with empty string gets rid of all empty insertions and deletions. A further search for sdl:revid reveals that there are no more tracked changes left. Let's remove then the rev-defs block from the header as well.

Retrofit to the rescue (reprise)

Phew, it runs.

The question remains:

Why where there empty good-for-nothing tags in the file in the first place?
Why would they matter to Retrofit or any other tool?
Shouldn't they be automatically removed when you open (or save for that matter) a file?

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