Which .NET online regex tester do you use?

I am wondering which online .NET regex tester people use?

In general, I like this one: https://regex101.com/, but it does not support .NET.

The one with .NET support I found has a really, ahem, basic UI: http://derekslager.com/blog/posts/2007/09/a-better-dotnet-regular-expression-tester.ashx

There is this one, which is a bit more recent: https://rextester.com/tester

But nothing comes near the "normal" regex testers (PCRE, Javascript). What online regex testers do people use? What can you recomment for .NET?


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  • I agree concerning the usefulness of match-coloring, and I would consider regex101.com exemplary here. (Almost) all these tools have it, including RegexBuddy, but this is not where RegexBuddy excels at all. The reason for mentioning the analysis function was that although all tools provide this, this is the first tool where I actually found it helpful.

    There are other functions I did not use yet, like a regex creation tool ("Create"). Really good help function ("Explain token"). Just to make one thing clear - I am in no way affiliated with JGSoftware, I just like some features of the software. The UI, as said, is straight form the 1990s. You either find it cool and retro and remember the time when you were young... or you just llive with it. (Amazingly, PowerGREP has the same window manager that Studio uses.)

    The reason why I mention this application in this thread is that I always struggled to find a regex tool that supports the flavor I need, the line break style etc. And in this respect, RegexBuddy is the cat's pyjamas, no kidding. You have control over everything.